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Image of red Chicago style thin brick edging around windows, doors, and on feature walls, showcasing the modern application of traditional bricks.

Elevate Your Design with Thin Brick Edging: The Chicago Style Innovation

In the realm of architectural design and construction, thin brick edging has emerged as a revolutionary approach, especially when it involves the iconic Chicago style bricks. Known for their quality, durability, and distinct aesthetic, Chicago bricks have long been a favorite in the building industry. North Chicago Bricks is at the forefront of this trend, combining the traditional charm of Chicago style bricks with the modern innovation of thin brick edging.

The Allure of Chicago Style Bricks

Chicago bricks, with their rich history and robust nature, have been an integral part of American architecture for decades. Known for their quality and durability, these bricks have stood the test of time, from the historic streets of Chicago to contemporary constructions across the country. Their unique color palette and texture bring an unmatched rustic charm to any construction or renovation project.

Innovation in Edging: The Thin Brick Revolution

At North Chicago Bricks, we have taken the classic Chicago brick and transformed it into versatile thin brick edging. This innovative product maintains the aesthetic appeal of traditional Chicago bricks while offering a sleek, modern solution for detailed architectural work. Thin brick edging is perfect for adding a sophisticated and finished look to both interior and exterior designs.

Durability Meets Style

Despite their slender profile, our thin brick edgings are incredibly durable. They are manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality, ensuring that they withstand various environmental conditions without compromising on appearance. This makes them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects, where longevity and style are paramount.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of thin brick edging lies in its ability to adapt to various design needs. From framing windows and doors to accentuating design features on walls, thin brick edging provides a subtle yet impactful touch. It’s particularly effective in spaces where full-sized bricks may be too cumbersome, offering a refined alternative without losing the essence of the Chicago style.

Imported Excellence

At North Chicago Bricks, we pride ourselves on offering imported quality Chicago bricks, ensuring that our customers receive products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet international quality standards. Our thin brick edgings are a testament to this commitment, reflecting excellence in every piece.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

In line with our dedication to sustainability, our Chicago style bricks, including our thin brick edgings, are produced with eco-friendly practices. We understand the importance of sustainable construction and strive to offer products that align with these values.

Transforming Spaces

Thin brick edging is more than just a construction material; it’s a design element that can transform spaces. Whether it’s adding a finishing touch to a fireplace, creating a feature wall, or enhancing the exterior facade of a building, thin brick edging brings a unique blend of tradition and modernity.


In conclusion, thin brick edging offers a perfect solution for those looking to incorporate the timeless appeal of Chicago style bricks into their projects with a contemporary twist. At North Chicago Bricks, we are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative products that meet their design and construction needs. Explore our collection and discover how thin brick edging can elevate your next project.

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